Fachbuch: Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT (Lumbroso, Huang, Fujimoto, Rispoli, Jia)

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Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT: Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography


Bruno Lumbroso, MD

David Huang, MD PhD

Yali Jia, PhD

James G Fujimoto, PhD

Marco Rispoli, MD

Englisch, gebundene Ausgabe

Quick Overview

The book discusses the clinical possibilities of Angio-OCT. Most imaging in the book (77 figures in Chapters 5, 7.1 and 10) has been performed with XR-Avanti Optovue SD-OCT device using SSADA algorithm. A few figures in chapters 3, 7.2 and 8 have been performed with a swept source OCT prototype using SSADA algorithm. Another technique is described in chapter 11, using ultrahigh speed, SS-OCT and its applications to optical coherence tomography-angiography (OCTA)

Key Features

Angio-OCT (Dyeless OCT Angiography) is a new technology that gives already useful results, that can be applied to day-to-day clinical ophthalmology. Several different OCT Angiography prototypes are developing, but only XR-Avanti Optovue with split-spectrum amplitude-decorrelation angiography (SSADA) algorithm is available clinically. Dyeless OCT Angiography is fast, easy, non invasive.

The aim of Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT (Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography) is to show everyday OCT user the clinical utility of OCT angiography. David Huang and Yali Jia present the SSADA algorithm and its applications in choroidal neovascularization (CNV), optic disk disorders and glaucoma. James G Fujimoto and Bruno Lumbroso propose the new terminology necessary to study this new technology. Clinical ophthalmologists, technicians and optometrists will find an OCT angiography atlas of the general syndromes and clinical signs. Then we present technological or scientific Angio-OCT progresses and its clinical applications.

The book discusses the clinical possibilities of OCT Angiography. It will guide the basic ophthalmologists or technicians to understand the new imaging typical and atypical aspects. The book will support to develop interest in using Angio-OCT in normal clinical work, to show Angio-OCT users the practical clinical interest in everyday ophthalmology, help users in understanding Angio-OCT. Most imaging (77 figures) has been performed with XR-Avanti Optovue SD-OCT device using SSADA algorithm.

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