Refraction Stand bon E-80 – The best value for money

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Product description

The E-80 refraction unit is a real “bon” – compact, robust and versatile.

Additionally it offers a sensational price-performance ratio.

Alternatively to the standard phoropter sliding arm, the E-80 can be equipped with a standard mount for a classic AO-type balanced arm.

All bon units meet the highest quality standards of medical devices technology.

We are a certified medical device manufacturer according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and have been manufacturing our units in Germany for over 30 years.

The bon E-80 is the “little sister” of the bon E-20 which has been popular for many years now.

Today this model is still the favorite workstation of thousands of successful opticians and ophthalmologists.

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    Manufacturer: bon Optic Vertriebsges.mbH, Stellmacherstraße 14, 23556 Lübeck