MS-39 Anterior Segment OCT / Topographer

Article number: 5012001

Product description

Anterior Segment OCT / Topographer MS-39

The MS-39 is the most advanced device for the analysis of the anterior segment of the eye.
It combines Placido disc corneal topography, with high resolution OCT-based anterior segment

The sheer clarity of the 16 mm diameter cross-sectional images together with the highly detailed
imaging of the corneal structure in all its layers make the MS-39 a very powerful diagnostic tool
for the anterior segment specialist.

MS-39 provides information on pachymetry, elevation, curvature and dioptric power of both
corneal sufaces.

In additional to the anterior segment clinical diagnostics, MS-39, with its Ray-Tracing based IOL
calculation module tool, lends itself perfectly to surgical planning on all ( even post refractive )

Additional tools allow MS-39 to perform accurate pupil diameter measurements and advanced
tear film analysis.

Epithelial Map

MS-39 includes the advanced measurement of the epithelial layer. The epithelial masking effect is a well known phenomenon, thus knowledge of its morphology is a very useful way to assess corneal surface abnormalities.

Corneal Aberrometry

Aberrometric analysis offers a complete overview of the corneal aberrations. It is possible to select the contribution of the anterior, posterior or total cornea for different pupil diameters.
The OPD/WFE maps and the visual simulations (PSF, MTF, image convolution) can help the clinician in understanding or explaining the patient’s visual problems.

Keratoconous Screening

Keratoconous screening provides the clinician with important information about the patient’s cornea.
Gaining an understanding prior to surgery can help prevent eventual complications associated with ecstasia.

Glaucoma Screening

For glaucoma specialists MS-39 enables the measurement of AOD, TISA and corneal pachymetry.
These values are useful in the diagnosis of the disease.


MS-39 has a built in pupillography measurement software. The measurement of the pupil in scotopic (0.04 lux), mesopic (4 lux), photopic (50 lux) conditions and in dynamic mode.
Accurate data on pupil center and diameter is essential for most procedures seeking to optimize visual quality.

Crystalline Biometry

In order to more accurately determine the ELED, and consequently to refine the intra-ocular lens calculation, MS-39 provides an acquisition mode to measure the crystalline lens thickness and its distance from the cornea and its equator.

IOL Calculation Module

This module using Ray Tracing provides accurate iol calculations on untreated and post refractive eyes, providing the calculation of the spherical and toric power of the intraocular lens.

Intrastromal Rings

Using the pachymetry map and corneal altimetric data, MS-39 provides intrastromal ring planning in Keratoconus and refractive correction cases.

Advanced Tear Film Analysis

Placido disc technology allows for the advanced analysis of the tear film, such as NI-BUT (Non Invasive Break-up Time).

Features Of The Phoenix Software

MS-39 uses the Phoenix software platform allowing patient data to be saved for future review and analysis, shared by other bon devices, e.g. as the DigiPro slit lamp or the Antares topographer.

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