ME-Check for easy Meibomian Glands Screening (Meibography)

Article number: 7047001

Product description

ME-check® allows to take infrared pictures of the Meibomian glands easily.

Comparing the acquired image with the scale developed by Dr. Heiko Pult, it’s possible to identify the severity of the pathology in a worldwide accepted scale.

  • objective and automated screening
  • quick (about 3 minutes) and easy to use
  • usable on the slit lamp and hand held
  • made with ultralight materials
  • ergonomic and innovative design
  • dedicated high resolution camera
  • leds for the best lighting of eyelids
  • mobile: battery powered
  • interfaced with 7” last generation tablet
  • app and cloud-based patient database
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      Product Downloads

      • Prospekt Eye-Light + ME-Check (581.92 kb)
      • ME-Check & MyMask - Das professionelle System gegen Trockene Augen, MGD und CLD (517.47 kb)
      Manufacturer: Espansione Marketing S.p.A, Blocco 27, Via degli Orefici 152, 40020 Funo (Bologna), Italen