Katena disposable Retina 180 Lens (pack of 10)

Article number: 4072013

Product description

Katena’s Single-use Retina 180 Lens offers an exceptional wide-angle view up to the ora serrata.

It has an indirect image magnification of 0.8x and provides a high definition, broad field view of the fundus.

The lens is used to treat diabetic eye disease, particularly pan-retinal photocoagulation and age-related macular degeneration with a laser spot magnification of 1.25x.

Clean, dust and scratch-free optics every time.

Pack of 10 pcs.

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Product Downloads

  • Prospekt Katena Einweg-Lupen, Kontaktgläser, Surgical Lenses (366.77 kb)
  • Übersicht SMT Einweg-Lupen mit Vergleich zu Volk und Ocular (86.15 kb)
Manufacturer: Katena Products Inc., Stewart Court, 07834 Denville, NJ, USA
EU rep.: Emergo Europe Prinsessingracht 20 2514 AP the Hague Netherlands