Katena disposable Osher 78 D Lens (pack of 10)

Article number: 4072019

Product description

The Osher 78D lens is a single use, sterile, non-contact lens for viewing the posterior of the eye (usually with a slit lamp or an operating microscope).

The lens provides a 0.77x magnified image of the fundus with a 80° field of view.
As with all our other lenses (except the 4 mirror), it has a good anti-reflection coating, (it also has laser appropriate coatings although this type of lens is not likely to be used for laser treatments).

Because the lens is sterile, it is ideal for sterile environments, particularly the operating room and premature baby units.

The lens was particularly designed, with Dr Osher’s help, for use with an operating microscope. For example, during cataract surgery, the doctor may want to view the inside of the eye and ensure all is as expected.

Image magnification: 0.77x

Field of View: 80° / 98°

Clean, dust and scratch-free optics every time.

Pack of 10 pcs.

Excl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Product Downloads

  • Prospekt Katena Einweg-Lupen, Kontaktgläser, Surgical Lenses (366.77 kb)
  • Übersicht SMT Einweg-Lupen mit Vergleich zu Volk und Ocular (86.15 kb)
Manufacturer: Katena Products Inc., Stewart Court, 07834 Denville, NJ, USA
EU rep.: Emergo Europe Prinsessingracht 20 2514 AP the Hague Netherlands