Katena disposable Capsulotomy Lens (pack of 10)

Article number: 4072007

Product description

Katena’s Single-use Capsulotomy Lens provides an image magnification factor of 1.8x and a laser spot magnification of 0.56x.

The large diameter optic is more than twice the standard, allowing treatment outside the visual axis of the patient.

Perfect optics with no chance of the lens button detaching.

Pack of 10 pcs.

Excl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Product Downloads

  • Prospekt Katena Einweg-Lupen, Kontaktgläser, Surgical Lenses (366.77 kb)
  • Übersicht SMT Einweg-Lupen mit Vergleich zu Volk und Ocular (86.15 kb)
Manufacturer: Katena Products Inc., Stewart Court, 07834 Denville, NJ, USA
EU rep.: Emergo Europe Prinsessingracht 20 2514 AP the Hague Netherlands