iCare HOME2 tonometer for home use by glaucoma patients

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Product description

The iCare HOME tonometer has been used for many years by thousands of patients for IOP measurement. – the portable design allows convenient and precise measurements at home in familiar surroundings.

The iCare Home  tonometer has established  a proven track record over a number of years.The newly released iCare HOME2 model is a groundbreaking next generation model with many improved features. iCare have listened to all the feedback from the user community. Many of their wishes  have been implemented in this improved design. Such as the new integrated display, whereby you the doctor can decide which data the patient should see , be it the actual  measured values or simply an indication of the  quality measurement quality.

The new device is much easier to use and allows flexible measurement in any position, even lying down. This is a great new feature.

The iCare CLINIC software is the heart of the device and delivers the encrypted data collected from the patient directly to your workstation.

iCare IOP Measurement.

Information for patients: www.Augendruck.com
On the website www.augendruck.com you will find detailed patient information about glaucoma and self-measurement with the iCare Home.

Please also note the iCare HOME page on facebook with interesting information about the topics “eye” and “glaucoma”.

For scientific publications on the rebound principle and especially on the iCare instruments click HERE.

Please note: iCare products can only sold by bon Optic  within Germany!

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    • Broschüre iCare HOME - Das intelligente Selbsttonometer mit Cloud Lösung für Glaukompatienten (913.96 kb)
    Manufacturer: iCare Finland Oy, Äyritie 22, 1510 Vantaa, Finnland