Chart Projector bon CP-33 IDB

Article number: 1012008

Product description

Chart Projektor CP-33 IDB – A high resolution lens system combined with specially prepared optotypes and brilliant, white halogen illumination results in a chart projector you can rely on. Crystal clear test charts each and every time.

The CP-33 IDB meets the requirements of DIN 58220 and is recommended by the DOG.

  • A total of 32 test charts
  • A very quick test change (within 0.03 seconds)
  • A specific children’s test including contemporary pictures.
  • Infrared remote control for comfortable operation.
  • Red /green and polarising filters can be combined easily with other tests.
  • Two test sequences can be programmed individually.
  • Switches automatically into “Sleep” mode after 5 minutes without use.
    Saving energy and prolonging bulb life.

  • Horizontal and vertical masks for presentation of selected optotypes.
  • Can be supplied with wall mounting, refraction unit or stand mounting.
  • Can be fitted to any refraction unit.
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      Manufacturer: C.S.O., Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici, Via degli Stagnacci 12/E, 50018 Scandicci, Firenze, Italien
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