CenterVue EIDON FA – konfocal TrueColor WideField Fudus Scanner with Fluorescein Angiographie

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EIDON FA – The Automatic Fluorescein Angiography System

Eidon FA with Fluorescein Angiography capability is the latest top-class model in the EIDON family.

Eidon FA inherits the heart of the Eidon technology and provides ultra-high resolution images and videos of Fundus Fluorescein Angiography to study dinamically the retina vasculature.

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography Video

Eidon FA allows to easily capture ultra high resolution video during the initial phase of the Fundus Fluorescein Angiography acquisition.

The Eidon FA dynamic video recording is designed to explore and understand retinal blood flow behavior, opening new possibilities in retinal angiography diagnosis.

Thanks to the unique Slit Confocal technology, Eidon FA provides a clear, sharp and detailed dynamic view of blood circulation, in ultra-high resolution video recording. This dynamic perspective is crucial to have a realistic representation of retinal vasculature and related circulation mechanisms, that may be missed with static flash photography.


  • Eidon FA transforms the complex fluorangiography process in a simple fully automated examination, requiring minimum operator’s involvement while improving patient work flow
  • The Eidon FA Slit Confocal technology provides the highest image resolution on the retina (15 μm), to detect and follow-up the slightest dynamic details of retinal blood flow
  • The 60° wide field images of the Eidon FA allow the visualization of the retinal midperiphery with the same ultra quality of the central retina


  • Includes all features and functionalities of EIDON technology
  • High resolution images and videos in FA mode
  • Stereoscopic FA
  • 60° view
  • Fully automatic
  • 2 TB storage capacity
  • Software for video stabilization
  • Possibility to examine multiple subjects contemporarily
  • Dedicated touchscreen tablet

    When automation meets traditional retinal angiography

    The EIDON platform glows

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