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Simply transform your Slit Lamp effectively into a tear film diagnostic tool with Polaris the next generation “Tearscope”. Compact and easy to handle, Polaris, with its LED cold light source, enables non invasive tear film Lipid layer interferometry as well as a corneal surface assessment.

The universal adaptor enables quick and easy attachment to most common slit lamp models providing hands free operation. Just ask your local bon representative if your slit lamp is suited for use with Polaris.

The Slit Lamp optics and magnification in combination with Polaris provide an excellent high magnification view of the Tear Film for optimal diagnosis. With the Digi Pro Digital Slit Lamp photos and videos of the dynamic tear film can be recorded .The Phoenix software module provides documentation allowing therapy control and patient education.

The Polaris can be powered via the pc USB connector when used in connection with a Digital Slit Lamp or direct from its own transformer.

A range of filters is included, namely; Fine grid, Inverse Grid (white on black), Placido-Rings

The Lipid Layer

Polaris enables the visualisation and categorisation of the different types of Lipid Layer structure, which are determined by the thickness and the regularity of the Tear Film (amorphous, grainy, wavey , yellow,brown or blueish red interference bands)

The Tear Film Meniscus

Polaris is non invasive and enables a full examination of the Tear Film meniscus without the use of unnecessary staining , which in itself changes the composition of the Tear Film and can lead to false diagnosis. The Tear Film meniscus can be evaluated according to height, shape and regularity.

Break Up Time

The non invasive break up time of the Tear Film (NIBUT) can be assessed easily using the different filters thus enabling an evaluation of the stability and regularity of the Tear Film.

The Corneal Surface

The Placido Ring Filter with its concentric rings allows an evaluation of the regularity of the corneal surface.

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