bon E-30 SE – The intelligent refraction unit

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Product description

bon E-30 SE – The Desk, that is an ophthalmic unit.

The b o n E-30 SE is a combination of an ergonomic desk
and a modern ophthalmic examination unit.

Practical ergonomics coupled with adaptive technology ensure
unprecedented comfort and ample working space.

b o n – A tradition of quality.

When you choose “bon” you are choosing 30 years of development and
design “know how”. x generations of Ophtalmic experience help to transform
innovative ideas into practical soultions.

Reliability – brings peace of mind.

All components are selected for the utmost efficiency and robustness. You
can be sure that your b o n unit will stand the test of time providing many
years of realiable, problem free use.

Planning and installation

Be it the interface with the architect, room layout or advice on patient flow
management your b o n team is on hand to assist you at each step of the
Our experienced and qualified technicians are on hand to manage your
installation and to provide excellent after sales service.

Your design

With a choice of 75 different upholsteries, more than 250 paint finishes and
an extensive range of wood veneers you can specify the design to fit exactly
to your personal taste and your interior design.


Looks matter and design is an important cornerstone of our philosophy. Our
distinctive design is reflected for example in the new E-30 SE: a desk, which
is a refraction unit which is a desk. It is extremely practical and looks terrific.
All cables are cleverly hidden in the table frame. No mess. No clutter.
The open table design allows high efficiency, easy access for cleaning and
maintenance, and maximum legroom.


Ergonomics play a central role in any work environment. Your comfort and
that of your patients are essential .Be it the ergonomic shape of the table,
the position of the controls or a practical storage space for the patient`s
glasses, cell phone or car keys.
Ergonomics also provide comfortable access for sitting down and standing
up for elderly patients.
The electronic height adjustment feature provides a comfortable working
posture for all practitioners whatever their height. The horizontal movement
and the folding armrest of the chair accommodate even the most corpulent
of patients.


The intelligent E-30 SE will save you time and money. The programmable
electronics automatically provide up to six different lighting scenarios which
are always perfectly matched to the respective examination step and the
ambient lighting.
A smart , soft start feature ensures longer life of the equipment lamps. A
standby function saves energy costs.
Memorized height adjustments, a choice of remote control options and
intelligent cable management are other features that will make your life


Our units are manufactured in Germany – durability and quality are built in.
At the core of all b o n units is a rock sold metal mainframe, which ensures
they not only look good but deliver a top performance over and
over again. Your b o n unit is built to last.

– A safe investment for the future.

Standard features:

  • Integrated desk unit with electro-motorised
    height adjustment from 64 to 89 cm,
    including memory function

  • Electromotorised sliding table,
    suitable for two large ophthalmic instruments

  • Electromotorised height adjustable patient
    chair with manual forwards backwards
    movement and one retractable armrest

  • Standard safety off
  • Integral key pad control and additional
    infrared remote control

  • Intelligent adaptive control electronics
    with power supply for your desktop devices

  • Control of room lights via the unit


  • Electromotorised phoropter track
  • Near reading spot light
  • Projector column
  • Rotation of the patient chair
  • Reclining back rest
  • Swing over patient chair
    for easy access of wheelchair patients

  • Foot switch and foot rest
    for the examination chair

  • Swivelling swing over trial lens tray
    (Desk top design permitting)
    Colour matching cabinet or side cabinet

  • Cradle with auto switch for hand instruments
  • A wide choice of wood & veneers,
    RAL finishes and upholsteries

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