bon E-20 SE – Versatile, multi-functional, high quality.

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Product description

The modular design of the E-20 SE allows you to design your own unit.

From the composition of the components to the colour and finish.


A robust and solid metal frame is at the core of all bon refraction units.
Made in Germany, bon units are built to endure the test of time.

– A sound investment in your future.


The double sliding table will easily accommodate a larger instrument
such as an autorefractor in the second position.

– Optimizing space and work flows where required.

Patient comfort.

The unique magnetic lock allows you to lock the table in any position
allowing you to examine even the more corpulent patients without any
embarrassing mishaps. Likewise the optional retractable arm rest can
be moved up making the chair more accommodating.
– Putting you and your patient at ease.

Easy access for elderly patients.

The gently sloping base plate is designed to ensure easy access for
patients. There is no step to trip over. The chair has been specifically
designed so that your patient can sit down and get up ergonomically and
easily without a struggle.

– Patient comfort guaranteed.

Your comfort.

The small details often make the difference . We have calculated exactly
the turn on the swing over table to ensure you can achieve a smooth
movement easily, without having to adjust your working position. All
controls are logically placed and easily reached without you having to
stretch or reach across your patient.

– Optimal working position.

Intelligent Design

Most refraction units require a safety off switch to prevent the chair from
travelling too high and trapping the patient`s legs. We put a little more
thought into this aspect to ensure that this will never happen. No safety
off switch is required. Likewise the chair travel has been so designed to
ensure that you can test children and smaller adults without the need for
an extra cushion.

– Patient comfort and safety is our common priority.

Logical Storage options

The E-20 allows you to include an optional trial lens tray with integrated
contact lens mirror.This is neatly stowed underneath the sliding table
and can be swung out when required, allowing you a neat storage
solution for trial lenses. You can practice lens insertion with your patient
without the need for them to move.

– Saving time and space.

Computer friendly

In a digital world more and more computer equipment is entering the
consulting room.
With the E-20 you can make life easier by selecting the computer
package. This is a neat solution comprised of;

A key board holder.

This is located under the sliding table and can be swung out when
required.*) Your keyboard is at your fingertips as and when you need it.
Comfortable working position.

A computer rack for shuttle pcs provides neat storage of a compact
desk top PC.

An Adjustable Monitor Mount.

This allows you to mount the monitor on the projector column. The
flexible arm enables you to position the monitor so that you can work
comfortably and share information and images with your patients.
*) This option cannot be fitted with the trial lens tray.

Design Solutions.

The projector column and phoropter arm can be height adapted to
accommodate your phoropter of choice manual or automatic. Special
adaptors which are colour matched and in keeping with the unit design
enable us to fit any phoropter or projector.

The control panel is logically laid out and within easy reach. The intuitive
lay out and the back ground illumination ensure that you will always find
the correct switch even in a low light environment.

Chair up – Chair down – Spot light – Second instrument – Pulse for room lights – Auxiliary

The spot light is ideally positioned to provide ample light where your
patient needs it, on the near vision card.


The E-20 SE requires a maximum width of 1,50 m and is among the
most compact of units available. And because the modular design
allows you to incorporate all your extras, such as pc key board or trial
set it really allows you to optimize your space. So if your room space is
limited but you would like a versatile flexible unit that also looks good
then you need look no further. – E-20 SE small wonder

Customized Look

The control console is hand crafted from wood and with it`s curvaceous
design creates a subtle look in an otherwise unsettling environment.
We have tried really hard to create a feeling of a stylish piece of furniture
to set your patients at ease.

Bring your own personal taste or corporate brand into the design. Select
any colour combination from the RAL chart and match the upholstery
from our extensive selection of samples.

– Personal branding.

Room planning service and installation.

With our wealth of experience we can assist you from the outset with
your room planning and design. Our in house team can liaise directly
with your architects to optimize space layout and work flows.

Wether you are relocating or redesigning our technical team will hold
your hand and support you from A-Z. If we can assist we would be happy
to – Let us know.

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