b o n COBRA plus multifix – For fast, efficient retinal imaging, including automated WF mosaic function

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Product description

b o n COBRA plus multifix

The 3rd generation of non-mydriatic fundus camera

for fast, efficient retinal imaging – even with really narrow pupils

Cobra+ is an easy to use, non-mydriatic digital fundus camera.
It is able to capture images through a very small pupil diameter (2.5mm).
The integrated digital camera produces high resolution retinal images up to a 50 degree visual field.


Cobra+ has 9 internal fixation points which facilitate the capture of the peripheral retina providing easy to acquire panoramic images.

Images can be transferred to the Phoenix software platform for analysis and review.

Mosaic funktion

The mosaic feature allows wide field imaging for full fundus analysis.

Cobra+ can capture multiple images which can be combined together automatically to create a panoramic image of the peripheral retina.

Infrared Image Acquisition

The image is acquired using a low flash level and infrared light, producing a very detailed image of the retina.

Cup To Disc Measurement

The cup to disc ratio can easily be identified via the automatic CD measurement tool which is integrated to the Phoenix software.

The automatic measurement can be manually edited thus providing meaningful data in glaucoma detection and management.

Colour Channel Splitting

Multiple wave-length images can be displayed on one screen:

the original image, infrared image redfree image; as well the choroidal, vascular and nerve fiber images.

AVR Evaluation Module

The optional AVR tool measures the ratio between the branch arteriolar-venous diameter.

A low ratio between the dimension of the vessels may be predictive of cardiovascular problems in adult patients.

The Phoenix Software

Imaging and Archiving Features

functions including zoom effects, color control, in picture measurement, C/D ratio, drawing (text / objects can be inserted), edge enhancement, red-free and channel splitting, gamma control and filtering, comparisons, overlay images,
up to 6 picture comparison, automatic mosaic mode, picture overlay etc.

A number of reports can be generated and saved to the patient data card.

The images can be exported in a choice of formats. Phoenix is fully compatible with DICOM.

The Phoenix software platform supports a suite of diagnostic devices including the Antares Topographer, the Sirius Scheimpflug Camera, the Digi Pro digital slit lamp and the Perseus specular microscope. Seamless diagnostics with one data base.

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