Algerbrush II rust ring remover

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Product description

The ALGERBRUSH II is used by ophthalmologists, ER physicians and, in many states, optometrists who are trained and licensed to remove foreign bodies from the eye of a patient. Foreign bodies in the eye can leave rust rings when removed. These rust rings are normally caused by a ferrous foreign body accidentally striking the cornea or sclera of the patient. When the foreign body (usually from a spark produced by a grinding wheel or welding torch) strikes the eye it sticks to the eye and eventually produces rust when combined with the moisture in the eye. The ALGERBRUSH II is used for the expressed purpose of removing these rust rings from the eye of a patient.

The ALGERBRUSH II has a very low torque motor powered by a single AA battery. The burr in this rotary instrument is used as a “brush” rather than a drill and the rust ring is thus “brushed” from the cornea or sclera leaving a smooth surface which in turn heals much faster than with other instruments which may be used for this purpose. The ALGERBRUSH II has been CE marked since 1998.

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