Does the Placido OCT replace the Scheimpflug technique?

The MS-39 promises excellent anterior chamber images with particularly high resolution, especially compared to the conventional Scheimpflug camera.

This is achieved by a smart combination of the proven Placido topography with advanced OCT technology.

Image acquisition is exceptionally fast, with very easy operation.

In addition to tomography of the anterior segment, the system enables all conceivable topography applications, pupillometry, aberrometry and tear film analysis.

The ray tracing IOL calculation is perfect for multifocal and toric lenses or post LASIK eyes. The epithelial mapping allows a significantly improved early keratoconus detection and is therefore extremely interesting for surgery planning.

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At the international iCare partner meeting in Milan, bon Optic was honoured as a particularly successful dealer. In the last two business years in a row, nobody sold more “iCare HOME2” self-tonometers in the EMEA economic area (Europe, Middle East, Africa) than bon Optic.

We are very happy about this award.

Thank you and best greetings to the whole iCare team in Finland!

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Perfect documentation – simply at the touch of a button!

Perfect documentation and follow-up – quickly and easily at the touch of a button! This has already inspired thousands of ophthalmologists and made the “DigiPro” the best-selling digital slit lamp in the world.

The original DigiPro has automatic R/L recognition, a trigger directly in the joystick, an ambient light and a fast USB 3.0 interface. Its modern “Phoenix” software allows up to 6 comparison shots and offers you helpful tools such as measuring directly in the image.

All slit lamps from bon offer optics at the highest level with professional Galilei systems with magnifications from 6x to 40x. Their LED illumination guarantees perfect illumination with low heat generation and almost endless life expectancy.

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The intelligent self-tonometer with cloud solution

The iCare HOME tonometer has already been used for many years by thousands of patients for IOP measurement. – Conveniently and precisely at home in familiar surroundings.

The newly released iCare HOME2 is a groundbreaking improvement of the proven system. All the wishes of the user community have been implemented, such as an integrated display where the doctor can decide whether the patient should see the measured values or only the quality of the measurements. The new device is much easier to use and now allows flexible measurement in any position, even lying down.

The iCare CLINIC software is the heart of the device and delivers the data collected from the patient in encrypted form directly to your workstation.

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