Consumers’ right of withdrawal concerning distance contract:

You have the right to withdraw from your contract statement in writing within 2 weeks, without stating reasons, or – if goods are at your disposal prior to expiration date – by returning the ordered items. The period begins with the receipt of this declaration in writing, however not before goods have arrived at consignee. To meet this withdrawal deadline, the timely sending of the withdrawal or the goods shall be sufficient. Withdrawal or return of goods shall be addressed to:

bon Optic Vetriebsgesellschaft mbH
Stellmacher Str. 14
23556 Lübeck

Telefon: 0451/809000
Fax: 0451/8090010

Please click HERE to download a withdrawal form.

Consequences of withdrawal:

In case of an effective withdrawal, the performances received by the respective other party shall be returned, and any benefits which might have accrued from their use (e.g. interest) returned. If you should not be in a position to return the performances received in whole or in part, or only in impaired condition, you may have to compensate us accordingly. In case of a purchase of goods, the foregoing provision shall not apply if the relevant impairment is the exclusive result of a reasonable examination that could have been conducted in a store. Otherwise you may prevent compensation obligations by not treating the relevant goods like your own property and omitting any action which may impair the value of such goods. If possible, goods shall be returned by parcel post or parcel courier. Goods that cannot be returned by parcel post or parcel courier will be picked up. You shall bear the costs for such a return, provided that the goods delivered comply with the ordered goods and the value of the goods to be returned does not exceed € 40 or, in case of a higher value, you have not yet fulfilled your payment obligations with respect to the relevant goods. Otherwise, the return is free of charge to the customer.

Financed business:

If you have financed this contract on credit and make use of your right of withdrawal, you are also no longer bound to the credit agreement if both contracts form an economic entity. This is likely to be the case if we are at the same time your lender, or if your lender used us in connection with the financing. If the loan has already been repaid to us at the time the withdrawal or return takes effect, you may take recourse against the lender for the transaction to be reversed. If you would like to avoid a contractual obligation as much as possible, withdraw from both contract statements separately.

End of Right of Withdrawal