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bon CBM Vega 10mW X-Link (CXL) UV-Crosslinker

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  • Corneales UV-Crosslinking der Premiumklasse
  • Corneales UV-Crosslinking der Premiumklasse
  • Sanfte und schnelle Iontophorese

bon CBM Vega 10mW X-Link (CXL) UV-Crosslinker

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UV-Crosslinking System CBM Vega 10mW - premium crosslinking for noticable time savings

CBM VEGA 10mW for best results

CBM VEGA has been developed for best results at UV-crosslinking (CXL) of progressive keratoconus. Advanced Iontophoresis technology allows maximum comfort for you and your patients.
An integrated control monitor provides you with all important information. The system guides you with visual and audible instructions and leads you safely through the treatment process step by step.

More power - more time saving

The improved UV emitter of the CBM VEGA provides 10 milliwatts radiation power and significantly shortens the duration of irradiation from 30 to sensational 9 minutes.
The used high-emitter diode generates UV-A light with constant wavelength of 370 nm. An innovative optical system ensures homogeneous dispersion of the UV radiation over the entire application area.
An integrated iris diaphragm enables controlled radiation with constant intensity through a variable definable zone of 4-11 mm diameter

Iontophoresis - less time, less pain

The use of modern iontophoresis technology enables optimal penetration of the riboflavin and shortens the time of stromal saturation noticeable to 5 minutes, providing a superior time advantage over traditional methods.
The time consuming and painful epithelial abrasion is not necessary with this method. The comfort of your patients will increase significantly and the risk of postoperative complications will be minimized.
The transepithelial method allows faster visual recovery.
Studies show a significantly deeper and more uniform penetration of the riboflavin and thereby much better results.

RICROLIN PLUS - durable riboflavin for all CXL methods

The riboflavin solution "RICROLIN PLUS" is approved for all corneal UV crosslinking methods: with epithelial abrasion, trans epithelium (Epi-On) and iontophoresis.
The sterile packed RICROLIN PLUS needs not prescription. This will save you valuable time.
Unlike the riboflavin from the chemist’s RICROLIN PLUS has a particularly long shelf life up to 24 months.

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